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About my collections

It's wide and it's varied. I'm a big survival horror nut so there's a few of those, plus some overall quirky stuff.


Recent reviews

Cooking Mama review

Posted : 15 years ago on 3 October 2006 07:11 (A review of Cooking Mama)

This game is a lot of fun for what it is - a simple DS game to pass the time. You can whip this game out when you're killing time, play one or two recipes, then turn it off. The game autosaves so no need to even save!
Yes, the game is quickly played through and there isn't a lot of repeatability. But for a nice little time killer, it really fits the bill.

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Rule of Rose review

Posted : 15 years ago on 3 October 2006 07:09 (A review of Rule of Rose)

While this game has a very engaging story, particularly for the survival horror nut out there, it also has the clumsiest and most backhanded combat system I have seen.
While the game draws you in with wonderful cutscenes and a twisted sense of reality, it will spit you right back out with the difficulty level of most enemies compared to the fragility of your main character. With little force backing her attacks, she ends up getting hurt more than she hurts anyone else.
Health items are also rare and the ones most readily found heal very little. The emphasis is on avoiding fighting - and yet, sometimes, you are locked in small rooms with bad camera angles and have to fight a creature to leave the room. Sometimes you must traverse rooms of 6-7 enemies merely to reach an item needed to continue the storyline.
Your dog in game, Brown, is little help in these situations as well.

All in all, a great storyline. If you can find some cheat codes to render combat null, you might have a good time. Otherwise, don't count on it.

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World of Warcraft review

Posted : 15 years ago on 3 October 2006 07:04 (A review of World of Warcraft)

WoW is a very good game for what it does. Please take note that what I say is merely my opinon.

- It's very easy to pick up and get started in. Early quests will gradually lead you to new areas before leaving you on your own.
- No group? No worries. Most content is soloable up until the bigger instances and raids.
- All raids are instanced. No more worrying if another group gets to the area before you.
- Fantastic graphics.
- A wonderful set of lore really does make you interested in the world and events around you.
- Several playable races and classes, though classes are limited by race.

- If you don't like to raid or PvP, this game holds little for you beyond 60. All endgame content is geared towards raiders and PvPers.
- Very gear oriented. True, you must have skill to play your class. But at higher levels, your gear makes a thorough difference in PvP or raiding.
- It is a very streamlined, hand-holding experience. If you like more sandbox sorts of games, this isn't for you.
- Classes often get marginalized and become 'cookie cutter' do to what works best in the game. Your skill sets may not differ much from anyone else and indeed, in most instances, to have the best chance is to be cookie-cutter.
- There are three main roles: The Tank, The Healer, the DPS. Often classes, such as Shaman/Druids get lumped into the healing because the DPS power of the Rogue/Warlock/Mage/Hunter is superior. Tanks are pretty much limited to the warrior class and often this is all they are effective for.

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